Saturday, May 19, 2012

Happy Times

I am about to have the best two weeks I have had in a looooooong time minus the fact that I have two midterms this week and I have to teach relief society......
           On Wednesday two of my great friends from home are coming to visit ME! I am so excited I can't even stand it. I keep dreaming about them being here and also having night mares that I pee my pants when I see them at the airport but hopefully that doesn't happen.....We are going to have so much fun getting snow cones, eating at the cannon, talking about our lives, getting more snow cones, and going to BEAR LAKE! Wednesday cannot get her soon enough!

                                                                I can't wait to see these hotties....
           Then just two days after I have to say goodbye to my Illinois friends :( I am getting on an airplane and going to DISNEYLAND! I am so so so so so excited about disneyland. I will never ever ever ever be to old or bored of disneyland. There is just something about that place that makes my heart skip a beat. I cannot wait to spend the weekend at disney with my girls Zoe, Bri, and Lindsey. I have a feeling we are going to have a great time!

      Let's just say life is good here in Provo.  

Monday, April 23, 2012

The End of a Beginning

Wellll Shooot. I cannot believe that my freshman year of college is already over and that I will no longer be in my freshman ward with all my freshman friends and dating freshman guys surrounded by freshman eating in the cannon everyday.....this is not ok. I have had too many fun and crazy experiences to even talk about all of them in this post, but I will try to share a few with pictures. I am going to miss my cute little dorm room with my cute roommate. I am the LUCKIEST girl when it comes to roommates and friends in my hall. I cannot even imagine living with any other girls. My roommate is perfect for me and is always such an example to me. I look back at just a year ago when I was graduating high school and thinking about the huge new life step I was about to jump into, and I was sooooo scared thinking about moving across country away from my family. I could not of asked for a more perfect year and I am so grateful for this experience and how much I have grown as a student and a person. Here are just some of the fun things and people that I have met this year. I hope that I will look back on this year and remember what an awesome experience it has been. This post is for your freshman year. Thanks for being a year I will never forget.
 BYU vs. Utah Football game tailgate
 One trend that you might notice is that I voluntarily take embarrassing pictures of myself.........
 My mommy came to visit me about two months in to college and it was THE BEST DAY EVER! I never thought I would miss my family so freakin much!
 We found this cute place that serves mocktails so we went there to celebrate Harly's birthday.....of coarse that meant dressing up cute and taking lots of pictures
 This is one of my favorite pictures ever! We always have to take a silly picture wherever we go because look at us......we take great silly pictures! my favorite is my lovely roommate Kember. She has a talent for that face she makes. 
 One date I went on was a murder mystery and we had to dress up as date ended up being the murder. I'm not sure how I feel about that. 
 Another perfect moment  for a silly picture. I mustache you a question......
 Look at those faces again....We are so good at that!
 My friend Lindsey's hair looks luscious and perfect everyday so she started doing it to my hair and also doing my makeup...I have to admit she makes me look pretty good :)
 I think this picture is just so cute. We all went on a group date when Kember's sister was here. It was a lot of fun and fun to have Kamri here with us too.
 This is when we went to see Divine Comedy's tech show. I love laughing so Divine Comedy is my favorite. Every show I have gone to I have cried of laughter at least once! I love it!
 This is when we went to see the Hunger Games at MIDNIGHT! We went to three midnight premieres this year and they were all so fun! There is something about going to see a movie at midnight with all your girlfriends that just makes everything better. 
 This is going to sound weird but my favorite late night place to eat is the hospital. They have a little cafe that has the BEST grilled cheese and fries and you can get it for about three dollars. I probably went there like twenty times this year! I could eat a grilled cheese from there everyday and be happy! Give me a grilled cheese from the hospital and a chicken cordon bleu from the cannon and I would be set.........and probably overweight :/
 What is a freshman year at BYU without going to festival of colors? It is a weird feeling not being able to breathe because there is color dust everywhere but it was cool i is definitely something everyone needs to experience
 We couldn't pass up this picture opportunity because everyone looked hot!
 I got to go to St. George for easter with my friend Bri and her family. It was so much fun and such a cool place. One of the things we did was hike Angel's Landing and Zions National Park. It was probably one of the coolest things I have ever done! I want to definitely do that again someday! 
 Sam loves to take pictures with my phone so this is just another picture moment at the hospital :)
 The last week of school I found my favorite place ever. Its called Hang Time but it is just full of trampolines and foam pits! I had so much fun there and wish I could go all the time. 
 Here are my favorite girls. We all live on 3200 David John. I could not of gotten any luckier with the girls that live on my floor and I hope that we can all stay friends forever. 
 These are my wonderful suite mates. We decided to be all cute and match and some might make fun but I think it is cute! I will love these girls FOREVER!
 We decided to put Justin Bieber tattoos on? haha cute
 One of our other new loves is taking picture with the photo booth on our computers. Most of them are way too embarrassing to put on the internet but occasionally we take a normal cute one. Way to go guys....we actually can take normal pictures.
 Sometimes Bri pretends she doesn't love me but I know she does. Most the time I just leave her speechless though...
 The saddest part about the end of freshman year is saying goodbye to all the boys. They will all be leaving on missions now so we won't see them for two years but I know they will be awesome missionaries!
 Here we are saying goodbye to some of the boys in our ward :(
I was privileged enough to get a Big D tattoo from Big D himself. How lucky am I..... 
This is just the saddest picture ever. I truly thought this year would last forever and truthfully I kinda wanted it to. Sadly I had to move out so next year some new freshman girls can move in and hopefully have the same awesome experience I did. 3222 David John Hall is full of so many memories it was hard to let go. I know that next year will be just as fun and be full of new experiences and challenges. The end of my freshman year at BYU is just the end of a beginning. 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Bachelor

 This semester some of the girls on my floor and I decided to watch the bachelor. We tried to watch it every week together and share in the excitement of a show where a bunch of girls "miraculously" all fall in love with the same guy and fight over him. Once again this season did not let me down in showing me how dumb this show really is. First let me start with Ben. Oh Ben. Why you no cut your hair. Seriously, HE IS NOT ATTRACTIVE.
(Bri, I know you will be the only one to really appreciate this picture)
Next, there is Courtney. Wow, what do I have to say about Courtney. I really cannot believe that Ben picked her. Every week I would say ok this is going to be the week that the producers will finally let Ben kick courtney off the show. I really did think she was this seasons drama producer and they were just making ben keep her on the show for entertainment. She really did do a great job of keeping the show dramatic.  I know they will be split up in the matter of weeks and I cannot wait to get the people magazine edition of the split where they try to convince us that they were really in love but things just did not work out. Ben, I could have told you things were not going to work out with you and Courtney at WEEK ONE! Some of the girls on my floor showed me this video of all the crazy things Courtney has said so I figured I should share it here too. 

 Anyway, thank you bachelor for entertaining me for the past few months and showing me that there are really crazier people out there in the world. I cannot wait to experience this again with Emily on the Bachlorette. Until then, "WINNING".

Saturday, March 10, 2012

We hate car washes.........

So today Bri really needed her car washed (her car was pretty gross from what she calls "trudging through the snow"). We were running a few errands so after we decided it was a good time to get this car cleaned! We waited FOREVER in line (singing and dancing to music of coarse) until finally it was our turn to enter. Car washes have always made me a little nervous just because, what do you do if you get stuck inside a carwash with blasting water, soap everywhere, and crazy winds? You cannot exactly hop out of the car and escape.  Anyway, we waited for the sign to say go and entered inside. You have to put the tire on the little tire thing so we did until the sign said back up. Bri backed the car up a little but then the sign said pull forward. Bri pulled forward until we were about perfect but then it said back up. Lets just say we were inside that car wash pulling forward and backward for a good three or four minutes. I'm sure the line of cars behind us thought we were complete idiots but we were freaking out. Me, Bri and Alexis were all yelling at each other trying to figure what the heck we were doing wrong. Finally, Bri threw her hands up in the air and said "FORGET IT!". We drove out of the carwash (laughing and a little embarrassed). This is why there is no trust in my relationship with car washes. THEY MAKE ME SO NERVOUS! The story does end happy though. Bri went in and got a refund and we went back later. She proved that she can in fact master the car wash. I still have trust issues though. Car washes are not happy places.
This is the lovely sign we kept seeing that would make us yell with ANGER!

Monday, March 5, 2012

I guess I'm a blogger now?

Ok everyone don't get too excited but I have decided to start blogging thanks to my wonderful roommate Kember and friend Bri. Thinking about blogging makes me feel very domesticated (which scares me) but hopefully it won't be too plain and boring. First you should probably know a few things about me. My name is Cassie Reed and I am a freshman at BYU. My favorite color to look at is purple, but I like to wear blue the most. I could eat watermelon every day of the summer and chicken cordon bleu from the cannon center every sunday and my life would be complete. I KNOW that diet coke has magical powers and automatically makes everything better. My hobbies are playing volleyball, doing anything crazy, watching movies, going shopping, skiing and arranging fruit bowls. I love all kinds of music. I think that life played to music makes it so much more exciting. I hate being bored. I think that a day full of things to do and people to spend it with is better than a day filled with doing nothing. I hate and almost have a fear of being alone. There are way to many people on this earth and too many people to talk to and hang out with to ever need to spend time alone. I HATE being scared. I get the most energy after 10 pm. Christmas is my favorite holiday. I hope someday to travel all over the world. I grew up in Edwardsville, IL. I have three siblings. My sister is my best friend. I love my family and I LOVE my life.

  Here is just a glimpse of my life and some of the people that make it AWESOME